Cloud to Ground

by The Salt Flats

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Produced by Eli Truett
Recorded and Mixed by Eli Truett and Jesse Mangum at The Homestead and The Glow Recording Studio, Athens GA
Mastered by Jason NeSmith at Chase Park Transduction, Athens GA


released August 15, 2017

Eli Truett: vocals, guitar and keys
Jarred Forrester: bass guitar
Andrew Fialka: drums



all rights reserved


The Salt Flats Athens, Georgia

Eli Truett: Vocals and Guitar

Jarred Forrester: Bass

Nick Sullivan: Drums

Jason Trahan:

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Track Name: In Dreams
well I never remember falling asleep
it's a change of grip ... it's a switch that flips
in medias res ... I am throw into
some surrealist place ... down the avenues
the familiar trace ... comes through

nothing means quite what it seems
in your dreams
in between the pure and obscene
coming clean

I was running wild ... faster than I can
I felt like a child ... who could understand
then I'm falling down ... under water now
trying to reach the air ... though my body bound
I am almost there

the fabric comes apart at the seams
in the stream
just around the corner from everything
in my dreams

felt more than thought
the near to death, the victory
the hero and own archenemy
the serial trials, the denouement
the quintessential come to the front
Track Name: Tonight
hold on tight, moonlight bride
force my smile open wide in the rush of the night
in we breathe all we need
we don't need a guarantee

out beneath the open sky
the stars reflecting back in our eyes
set alight ... tonight

holding me close to thee
we can breed, we can feed
and we know
we're looking' out below
as the morning light fades in slow

tryin' our best to freeze time
desperate as if by design
only to find
that sure as the moments will pass
here they come again just as fast
the best will last all our lives

for tonight, all is right
we're kept warm by the fire inside

Heaven on Earth
for all it's worth
all the world
ours tonight
Track Name: Us
at a crossroads
spinning circles
so we parted
then we called us back
down the same path
where we started
back to our old haunts that we didn't want any part of
so upsetting
so are we getting any smarter?

oh, this is such a loss we've given up
such a long way down to us

and we thought we knew what was goin’ on
so we never saw what was goin’ wrong
such a hard find
you were not fine
you could not quite say how I
how I broke your heart
I could not say why

why I never came around to us
why you never made a sound for us
I could not stay down for us
and bear a secret frown

I could never read your eyes
I could never free your mind
I could not be mine
Track Name: Cut Your Eyes
it’s that time
the fight’s begun, you’re in your prime
your first time around, proving ground
you take a few but not enough to put you down
and soon you hear that bright sound
now cut your eyes
back down to size

come your second wind
110 percent
sweet adrenaline, kicking in again
but a slight misstep
and a sharp regret
hard and fast to your head

now cut your eyes
back down to size
take in the light
stay in the fight

one more to go
heavy and slow
had to see how much you’ve got and now you know
you’ve got enough to keep it close
just stay alive
let them decide
after all you know the title's not the prize
the prize is knowing you survived

now cut your eyes
back down to size
take in the light
and again, rise!
you won the fight
feel the glowing pride
give a smile so wide
and say goodnight
Track Name: Cloud to Ground
crossing streams collide
positive / negative
with the speed of light
so pressure-sensitive

each year a billion strikes
never the same shape twice
like charges in our minds
reacting all the time

forces we can't control, coerce or capture
we marvel in the throes
a flashing rapture

a billion volts
take their hold
reaching far and bright
the lightning strikes

miles high down to the core
attraction is flickering
ceiling to the floor
the atmosphere quickening

all around
sight and sound
cloud to cloud
cloud to ground
Track Name: Pretty, Jittery
young blood can’t get enough of itself
but to keep up you gotta have some help
cup after cup
zero to infinity
and lo, you look so pretty, jittery

the creatures of habit on the prowl
they want it all and want it all now

comin’ right up
you can give em just what they want
and while you’re at it you might as well have some fun
you won’t deny the invite in your eyes
just shy of obscenity
and you know you look so pretty, jittery

stirrin’ up trouble all the time
the eager just waitin’ in line

is it getting to your head?
or all under control?
are you takin’ to your bed
a heart or heart-shaped hole?
that can all go unsaid
til who knows how old?
it’s yours to know
oh, you look so pretty, jittery

young blood’s gotta do whatever it takes
starting early and staying out too late
crazy in ways that go on for days
and off on all your enemies
but oh, you look so pretty, jittery
Track Name: Don't Wanna Talk
your wide, expectant eyes await my side, but sometimes
baby I just don't wanna talk
it's not your fault
and you start to cry and I sigh cuz
baby I don't wanna be bought
wait that came out all wrong

I didn't mean to be so curt
I understand your feelings hurt
I wish I'd never said a word
I concur
everything I say just makes it worse

you know I love you
true, I can be absentee
but we both know how soon you'll have enough of me
and all the things I do
that drive you crazy indeed
and not the way we like it to be

and how it comes around
now I feel so left out
well, maybe you just don't wanna talk
tending your own thoughts
and it's so hard not to give in
to feeling like it's all my fault
that something's wrong

when all I need is a little time
to work out my temperamental mind
before I start committing crimes so unkind
you know because
the way it's been since way back when
so many words never make a dent
just rubbing raw on thinning skin
it's no-win
just a record skipping over and over again

I know you love me
true, you can be hard to read
but we both know how first impressions can mislead
and how I wish I knew
without the waiting to see
but in due time I find that's just what I need

everything we say
uninvited, gone to waste
no place to speak
but there’s no need to be so distraught
it’s okay if sometimes we don’t wanna talk
Track Name: What Happened
I'll tell you what happened
and try to tell it plain
came up out of fashion
cut against the grain
heard all kinds of history
didn't know what to make
but I took it with me
to sort along the way

and the seed it soon took root in me
the need to be
something more than
crossed without a cause
to wind up lost
with no way back to where I'm from

I followed the action
and with it, came to find
the flaw of attraction
the blind leading the blind
and what I'm really thinking
nobody wants to hear
this city is sinking
and I am outta here

I just speak it like I see it
and you're free to deem it solipsistic
but you must admit your own shit
I'm just being realistic
words, for worse, they slur on ad absurdum
as the masses sing along
I must be on my way
to new mistakes
and that's why I'm so gone
Track Name: Good Old Days
in the day I had a bright, carefree childhood
I had horses under my hood
running all day long
then one day I hit my head up on the awning
when I felt the new day dawning
it wasn’t what I wanted

is there no way I can get back to the good old days?
is there some way I can get back to the good old days?

but in the day I’d always fall for all they told me
and when anyone would scold me
nobody could console me
then one day I realized I was so mistaken
felt the sting and reawakened
and the future started shaping

and there's no way I'm falling back by the wayside 
and I won’t shy from daylight
and come hell I’ll bide the time

and there's no way I'll make it back to the good old days
there's no way I'm going back to the good old days
Track Name: Seeing Double
I'd been taking what they gave me
ever since I was a baby
told me it would save me
and when I ate it up they praised me

so I started wrestlin' with my dark side
goin' restless on the inside
wide awake each midnight
tryin' to get my script right

and I found my violent side in time
a true danger
acted oh so freely from my mind
a force of nature

and now I'm seeing double
a gun for each of ya

I’d been losin’ faith in always
different churches, different parlays
on a road not to be paved
seeing visions in the heat waves

saw the desert paradise was only illusion
prayed I wouldn't die there all alone for my confusion

and I'm seeing double
a gun for each of ya

when I lost my youth, my voice changed
when I thought I knew, my choice changed
when I couldn't win, defeat changed
when it all made sense, my beliefs changed

and I didn’t know what time we had in the living
what of all the times that we were bad that were forgiven

and I'm seeing double
a gun for each of ya!
Track Name: Someday
oh, been running so long
trailing voices saying "you must be strong"
same refrain from that same old song
it feels so far away

you don't know where
or how to make your own place
you can't have theirs
no matter the price you pay
your place is on your way

long down on the times
prayin' everyone pays for their crimes
but only you can change your own mad mind
here, now
you have to sort it out

turn the mirror
see to your darker side
and never fear
something so sure as night
there’s more to life than light

love, lyin' awake
same old code that you never could break
how to live down so many mistakes?
you pray for what it takes

don't lose heart
no it's not all in vain
I know it's hard
but you know you need the pain
to have something to gain
when nothing else remains
you’ll see it’s worth the faith